View and study full tarot card galleries of the Surrealist Tarot, the Diary of a Broken Soul, bifrost, and the Langustl Tarot. Though we do make use of other oracles, our primary focus as Tarotsmiths is on the Tarot deck and the symbolism it contains.

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Surrealist Tarot by Ari Bach

by Ari


Diary of a Broken Soul by Ash Abdullah

by Ash


bifrost Tarot by Jeremy Lampkin

by Jeremy


Langustl Tarot by Stephan Lange

by Stephan

The Surrealist Tarot is an unorthodox deck structured around a set of 12 core Majors based on the LaVey Personality Synthesizer. The LPS is a system of classifying personality types similar to using astrology, but more basic and practical. This deck’s quirky style of humor invokes images reminiscent of everything from Star Trek to Super Mario Bros.

The Diary of a Broken Soul is a gateway to the shadowy dimension of Jahanam, rendered from the visions of Ash Abdullah’s 3-year creation process. Diary is about exploring the dark and sometimes disturbing landscape of the unconscious mind.

The text for the (e)LWB and the key phrases for the Diary’s online readings (for the Minor Arcana) was written by Davina Powell. The full deck contains a few alternate cards from the Majors-only release.


The bifrost Tarot by Jeremy Lampkin is heavily rooted in Thoth tradition, following with Crowley’s systematics whilst adding several more recent developments such as the LaVey Personality Synthesizer and the designs of Dr. Timothy Leary. bifrost is influenced by Lampkin’s understanding of modern occult figures as spokesmen for the 7 angels or eras of the Apocalypse of St. John.

The Langustl Tarot‘s simplistic style of art is vibrant with life, relying on brilliant color and contrast to portray the feelings of each card. The deck is based on both Crowley’s and Waite’s Tarot methods, along with other systems such as astrology, Kabbalah, and numerology. While simple enough for beginners to easily interpret, the deck is also challenging for students to learn its deeper layers of symbolism.